...mind watching reruns of series one of Friends

... because of the way Monica, Rachel and Joey are dressed. This morning's episode featured Rachel in a cropped cream jumper and tartan skirt with long socks (below)- very Cher from Clueless. Yesterday's episode was a winning red jumper, red lipstick and pale blue high waisted jeans from Monica, and a lovely dog-toothed trench coat and black woolen scarf for Joey. There are a few dodgy waistcoats and ochre coloured ties amongst the boys, and phoebe definitely improves later. The actors' fresh young faces and the '90s references to battles for sexual equality (constant humour based on male/female role reversals) make the whole series noticeably kitsch now, but in a way I prefer it pre-noughties, before plastic surgery, fake-tans and ghds glossed everything in their path...

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