100 Days Project - the First Ten

In 2011, Emma Rogan started the 100 Days Project after being inspired by a design teacher at Yale who implemented 100 days of design classes.

You choose one creative task and repeat it for 100 days. It appealed to me as an opportunity to push myself into doing something I often avoid because I feel I am no good at it - drawing. Day one started a bit drunkenly, and I'm finding it quite hard to find the time to sit down and draw each day, but that in itself is a valuable practice.

In doing so, I've started illustrating a story I wrote with my good friend Rose Watson, about a Poisonnier. So not only am I forcing myself to draw again, I'm forcing myself to write French. There are probably lots of mistakes, and it's a funny little story... 

Read more about the 100 Days Project here

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